About Us

Who we are

Present in the civil construction market for several years, in several countries, Progroup is praised for its reliability, efficiency, commitment and resources, which allow us to provide a first-class product, based on permanent contact with the Customer throughout the entire period of the contract, with special attention to evolution, monitoring and advice in choosing the best solutions.

Our Mission

Built on the ideals of agility, resilience, trust and innovation, in the union of several companies, the Progroup Group acts proactively and professionally managed in the search for new qualities, so that we can overcome the challenges that the market demands. Therefore, we seek to globalize partnerships to open new horizons, share knowledge, increase efficiency and profitability.

The Administration
“The ongoing organic changes are a reason for confidence so that tomorrow we can say that we are stronger, more capable and more competitive”. 

Tiago Soares


 Civil Engineering

We have a highly qualified team and adequate technical solutions for each project and construction site. Our commitment is to offer a service of excellence, with specialized and up-to-date professionals, state-of-the-art technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. We provide customized and efficient solutions for each client. 


We are ready for any project, with the necessary resources and professionals to obtain the best results. Our team is highly qualified and committed to providing exceptional service to clients, adapting to the needs of each project. In short, we are confident in our ability to deliver high quality, professional work.

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